Friday, July 3, 2015

Steamboat Craze

Recently I've been having a craving for anything steamboat.

So... For the past week, I've indulged in both steamboat and Mookata. 

I'd just like to say... 

I HIGHLY recommend Hai Di Lao.

The service was absolutely fantastic.

When we entered the restaurant, we were immediately greeted by friendly staff who proceeded to seat us at the waiting area and serve us a delicious snack bowl which included dried banana chips, watermelon, oranges, and caramelized popcorn. We were also served winter melon tea.

There was even a playroom for children, and free express manicure service for ladies.

I was really impressed.

They brought us to the main dining area next, where we were promptly given hot towels by the staff. They even brought us hair ties and aprons.

We ordered a tomato and herbal chicken soup base. The tomato soup was fantastic - we were instantly hooked!

During the meal, we had ordered large intestines. Having had no prior experience with large intestines (Yes, we don't know how to cook them), we dumped the entire bowl of intestines into the boiling soup.

And the outcome?

The soup had a foul odour. We could not stomach it any longer, so we asked for a change of soup. 

It was absolutely our fault for having ordered the large intestines and dumping the contents into the soup, but they gave us a replacement anyway and did not charge us for the intestines.

AND. They even gave us a special bowl of fruits as dessert.

We were completely awed by their amazing service and attention to detail.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Mookata, it is a Thai-style steamboat where the hot pot sits on a trough burning charcoal which grills or steams the ingredients.

I've been hearing about Mookata for the longest time, but never got to try it. So when I saw that Charcoal Thai was having a student promotion, I simply had to try it!

I was a little taken aback by how tiny the pot was. This served two people, which seemed a little small to me.

It was really tiring flipping the meat constantly and ensuring that the meat did not slip down into the tiny rim of soup below. I also found Mookata a little too dry for my liking - I prefer soupy stuff hehe. 

It wasn't a bad experience, and the staff were overall pleasant.

If you are a student and would like to try out affordable Mookata, this might just be your best bet!

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